Welcome to ThruTheFire.net
Creating the Life you Dream of, starts with Yes I Can!”
The programs offered here at ThruTheFire.net are based on pushing through limiting beliefs- the types of beliefs that stop us from achieving our true potential!

Here are a few of the many programs currently being offered:


“Yes You Can!”
Have you Ever Wanted to do Something, but YOU talked YOU out of it?

  • Address limiting Beliefs & Fears in your life and move confidently past them toward your goal
  • Learn how fears Develop and Flourish. Determine the difference between Caution and Fear
  • Lively and Fun program, including experiential processes for all who dare!
  • Feel the Fear, and Do it Anyway!


“A New Reality NOW”
Fire Walk Empowerment Program

  • Millions of People have Walked on Fire for thousands of years! Is it YOUR turn?
  • If YOU walked on Fire, then what Else Could you Accomplish? Design your NEW Reality.
  • Learn how old paradigms & habits can KEEP you in fear and limit success in  life.


“Who’s Driving YOUR Bus”
Are you really in control of the messages you send?

  • Determine the REAL unspoken Messages in Communication
  • Close the Sales that you might be losing!
  • Manage your Inner Voice Recorder” and Learn to Maintain A Positive State
  • Learn the“Ten Rapport Killers”which stifle good communication in its tracks
  • Recognize Buying Signals and Resistance, regardless of what they say!


“ROAD Blocks to BUILDING Blocks”

  • Identify BLOCKS you create in your career & relationships, & where they came from
  • Learn about “Shadow” the parts of us we Minimize, Hide, and Disown
  • Learn to be Aware of your Blocks, move them aside & achieve the goals that elude you
  • Enhance your relationships with others, and enjoy more peace and tranquility
  • Experiential processes which anchor program messages for lasting integration


“T.E.A.M.” Team Building Experiential Programs

* Create an individual program to achieve the results from your team