A New Reality Now

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“A New Reality NOW” Fire Walk Empowerment Program
  • Millions of People have Walked on Fire over thousands of years! Is it YOUR turn?
  • If YOU walked on Fire, then what Else Could you Accomplish in your life?
  • Design your NEW Reality, NOW.
  • Learn how old paradigms and habits can KEEP you in fear, and limit success in your life.

Firewalker1This Workshop Blends Theory, and experiential exercise’s to anchor the teaching. Attendees will be able to break boards, break arrows, bend steel rebar, and walk on glass.  Each of these exercise’s attempt to stimulate the brain and the “fight or flight” reflex.   When the attendee is in this reflex mode, new learning and new life patterns can be introduced, to change the outcome in our life’s challenges!

The attendee will learn methods to anchor new this teaching for maximum long term retention.
At the culmination of the Workshop, the attendee will have an opportunity to WALK ON FIRE, if they choose.

firewalker2Contact us to find out the scheduling and investment  of the next  “A New Reality Now” Program.