Firewalk Planning

Please read the following carefully. It contains all the information necessary to produce a successful event. Preliminaries The facility must have a level site for the firewalk. A parking lot is ideal. If a parking lot is to be used, two layers of sod will be placed in a 10 foot by 20 foot area; at least 50 feet away from any building. The firewalk must be on a solid surface; sand nor gravel will work. Grass or compacted soil is fine. There can be no overhanging wires, or branches at the fire site. For additional safety, the immediate area around the fire will be sprayed with water. The facility is protected in two ways. It should be noted however, that F.I.R.E., nor Tolly Burkan, nor “Thru the Fire, LLC has ever had a lawsuit, or even a threat of a lawsuit as a result of the firewalking seminar. First of all, liability protection is provided by a release form that must be signed by all participants before the seminar begins. The release form emphasizes that people choose to firewalk voluntarily. Secondly, The Firewalking Institute of Research and Education, as well as “Thru the Fire, LLC indemnifies all sponsors and property owners, holding them completely harmless. Fire Permit A fire permit will be obtained where necessary to comply with all requirements of that local fire department. Many fire departments do not require a fire permit, since this type of fire is recreational, and often exempt. The firewood that is used is always dry, seasoned cedar, or fir, which is always acceptable. In the locations that petroleum products are prohibited, we will substitute vegetable oil instead of using kerosene to kindle the fire. Even if a fire permit is not required, notify the fire department as to the exact location and time of the event so that any concerned neighbors can be reassured as to what is happening. All fire personnel are admitted to the event free of charge. Indoor Supplies The enclosed release form must be copied so that there is enough copies (as well as pens) available for each and every person at the seminar. If the room is large, a house PA system will be needed. We will provide a wireless microphone. The room will need to be well lit. The room will require either a stage, or be situated in a way that all participants will have an unobstructed view of the presentation. Outdoor Supplies A hose must be available to reach the fire site and must have a trigger handle. Make sure there is sufficient water pressure . Also required will be two flat shovels with long handles, a metal toothed rake with long handle, flashlights, plus cleanup tools. Additionally, a fire extinguisher must be present at the fire site. Clean-Up You will need to provide a team to clean up the outside area after the seminar. The firewalk takes place “rain or shine” so the team needs to dress accordingly. The cleanup process is dirty work, and a small crew makes the clean-up go much faster. Media Dave Tuscany is available by phone for radio and newspaper interviews prior to the firewalk. If local television stations are interested, Dave can appear for interviews before the event and will bring broadcast quality clips of firewalking. This must be arranged in advance. If reporters and photographers are attending the seminar, we must be informed as far in advance as possible to insure that everything flows smoothly during the program. It is absolutely necessary for Mr. Tuscany to personally speak with reporters and photographers before the seminar begins so that their presence does not create any disturbance once the presentation gets under way. Absolutely no picture taking is permitted without prior arrangements. Firewood The best firewood is dry, seasoned cedar (or fir if cedar is not available). full chord will be required for each fire (which will accommodate up to 100 people) full chord is a pile approximately 2′ x 2′ x 4′. Specifics The facility will need to be rented for about 4 hours usually 6pm till 10pm. The best time to start the seminar is approximately 6 pm. The fire will be lit at approximately 7:00pm which is when a break will usually occur. There will be no other breaks until the seminar is completed. The actual firewalk will usually look best when performed at sundown or around 8:30 to 9:00pm or so (rain or shine). The evening will usuallyconclude before 9:30pm.