ROAD Blocks


“ROAD Blocks to BUILDING Blocks” IT’S UP TO YOU!

  • Identify BLOCKS you create in your career & relationships, & where they came from
  • Learn about “Shadow” the parts of us we Minimize, Hide, and Disown
  • Learn to be Aware of your Blocks move them aside & achieve the goals that elude you
  • Enhance your relationships with others, and enjoy more peace and tranquility

Experiential processes which anchor program messages for lasting integration

road blockThere are parts of each of us that we may not recognize that are “alive and well” within us.  Carl Jung, and many others have called them “Shadows”.  These shadows were most probably learned at a very young age.  Since they were learned from habit, we can often display these “shadows” without even realizing the impact they may have on others, and ourselves.

The attendee will learn about shadows, and learn how there is often tremendous potential for growth hidden within  them.  Using these shadows to gain perspective, intentionality, and  fulfillment in our lives is both  revealing and energizing to most!  Learn to change your Roadblocks into Building Blocks!

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Coastal View

Durdle Door from the east (Helena Downton) / CC BY-SA 2.0

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