Who’s Driving YOUR Bus?


“Who’s Driving YOUR Bus” Are you really in control of the messages you send?
  • Determine the REAL unspoken Messages in Communication
  • Close the Sales that you might be losing!
  • Manage your “Inner Voice Recorder” and Learn to Maintain A Positive State
  • Learn the “Ten Rapport Killers” which stifle good communication in its tracks
  • Recognize Buying Signals and Resistance, regardless of what they say!
Transportation Bus Door Open There are so many components of Clean Clear Communication!  Most of us communicate from a reactive point of view, instead of selecting their words to deliver the correct message.   The Inner Voice Recorder uses 20 mini techniques to stay in a positive frame of mind. Learn to use it! During this workshop, the attendee will have many opportunities to practice Clean Clear Communication in the face of real life dilemma’s.   Each person will leave this session with practical tools to minimize conflict, avoid saying things that you don’t want to say!Communicate with Power, Confidence, and Maturity!   Contact us to find out the scheduling and investment  of the next “Who’s Driving Your Bus” Program. davetuscany@thruthefire.net 888-528-FIRE